Going for a more fun and youthful look this fall? Sunglasses could be the perfect accessory for you, so long as you go for the right colours, shapes, and styles. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to give you all the need-to-know info and tips before you buy your next pair.

What to Look For in Youthful Shades

Black is consistently considered a youthful colour for sunglasses’ frames. It is the most versatile shade of all and effortlessly complements every woman’s features. 

Cat-eye frames are another reliable choice. They have a very feminine vibe to them, which adds a sense of youthfulness to the wearer and the overall look. 

Also, don’t be afraid to try out round glasses or bold, out-of-the-box frames. What’s more youthful than expressing your individuality and having fun with your accessories?

Our Porto Sunglasses Have It All

Cake Eyewear’s Porto Wayfarer Sunglasses offer more than one of the features listed above. These designer sunglasses have shiny black frames AND a cat-eye shape. 

If you’re not comfortable with full-blown cat-eye shades, don’t worry. Our Porto sunglasses are wayfarer sunglasses, meaning they have a more trapezoid shape, which creates a more subtle cat-eye appearance. 

These sunglasses are sure to inspire confidence in every woman. They’re youthful and fun while still being mature and glamorous. They also come with 100% UVA and UVB protection, which is critical to protecting your eyes and keeping your skin healthy!

Shop Youthful Sunglasses with Cake Eyewear

We encourage you to browse our wide selection of stunning sunglasses here at Cake Eyewear. Found a pair you love? When you order from us, we’re happy to offer you free shipping, a money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty, and 15% off your first pair. Treat yourself to some gorgeous shades today!