Looking for the best budget polarized sunglasses that look stylish and won’t eat into your summertime funds? Finding the best polarized sunglasses for the money you are willing to pay out is not hard. Polarization is not expensive to produce, which is why even the cheapest pair of sunglasses includes this feature. Without polarization, your shades might look cool, but they will do little to protect your peepers from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Affordable sunglasses brands

What are the best affordable sunglasses available? You can find tons of advice about the most affordable sunglasses brands online. Social sites like Reddit devote entire conversations to the topic. To save you time wondering, “What are the top 5 sunglasses brands?” here is a handy list.

  • J+S Classic Aviators – Easy to wear for long periods with 100 percent UVA protection, they are priced at under $20.
  • Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses – Comfortable and sturdy, they mimic the popular Ray-Ban Erika style for under $20.
  • Nooz Optics Cruz – Perfect for people who prefer slim sunglasses on their face, these babies are flat, flexible, and lightweight. You will never know they are on your face. Priced around $60.
  • Sunski Camina – If cat-eye frames are your thing, these glasses deliver on style and comfort. They are made from recycled plastic and offer full UVA/UVB protection for around $60.
  • Goodr The OGs – Some of the best imitations of the classic Wayfarer style, these unisex sunglasses stay put, even when you’re running around. They are priced at around $25.

Best sunglasses for driving

Driving with the glaring sun in your eyes can increase your chance of having an accident. The best sunglasses for driving protect your eyes and eliminate glare. While polarized sunglasses are the best Knockaround sunglasses, they are not necessary when driving. You’re better off going with comfortable, lightweight sunglasses that offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. Sunglass Warehouse has some of the cheapest sunglasses for driving, starting at around $10 per pair.