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Spring time and the livin’ is easy. But if you want to make your 2021 vacation the best ever, you’ll need to pack the right accessories. You might want a stylish pair of designer sunglasses for men or women’s sunglasses to help combat any glare from the sun, and maybe you need a tote bag to hold all of your things. Cake Eyewear is here to tell you what the best vacation accessories are. Women’s and Men’s Sunglasses Everyone loves a gift they can take home from vacation, but you can’t always wait around for your aunt to show up with some tacky souvenir from her latest trip to the Grand Canyon. Instead, find your own way to transform your trip into a keepsake worthy of your Instagram feed.  Cake Eyewear sunglasses like our Dubai are sure to become the stars of your collection—not only do they give us the

If you’re among the many people who are looking to update their eyewear this summer, then you’ll definitely want to know which shades are going to be hot this year for women’s sunglasses. From mirrored aviators to retro kitten-eyes, there is no shortage of great styles to choose from for your style and face shape. But before you start shopping with that gift card you got for your birthday, take a moment to consider one important question: What are the sunglass trends for 2021?  Retro Round Round frames are a sexy, retro-cool throwback to the classic wayfarers of yesteryear. What was once a rare sighting on the streets or in fashion ads is now a style staple in every celebrity’s handbag, from Lady Gaga to Emma Watson to Kim Kardashian. Many of the biggest designers have been updating their classic lines with new round styles that are ready to complement