Ahh, summer. So good to see you again. How we missed your patios and lazy afternoons at the park and all those perfect excuses to show off a growing collection of fashion sunglasses. But how exactly do they take your wardrobe to the next level?

Polarized Sunglasses

The best thing about summer (besides endless ice cream) is all the unique activities you have to take part in. This can range from business lunches by the water to relaxing by the pool with friends. But what about glare from that water? Enter polarized sunglasses. For women, practicality and fashion can coexist, since polarized sunglasses are now available in a wide range of styles. For women, practicality and fashion can coexist, with polarized sunglasses now available in a wide range of styles. Just look at the offerings from Cake Eyewear’s new collection, like the stunning Venice. This regular sunglass style is inspired by the famous destination. 

Trendy Sunglasses

Women’s sunglasses are so much more than protection from those harmful UV rays. They’re a form of self expression, and the perfect accessory to your perfect summer outfit. Which is why we all need several pairs. From small little round sunglasses that look oh-so-cute with a sundress to those big, chunky oversized square frames (like our Dubai frames) that hide the fact you had a little too much fun last night. And don’t forget rectangle frames with dark lenses that are perfect for people watching from your favourite restaurant’s patio. For those times when cruising the bike path is the perfect thing to do, retro glasses pair perfectly with that vintage ride you’re perched on. Bonus points if you can match the colour of your bike frame to your sunglasses frame. There are so many reasons to own so many pairs. 

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