If you’re among the many people who are looking to update their eyewear this summer, then you’ll definitely want to know which shades are going to be hot this year for women’s sunglasses. From mirrored aviators to retro kitten-eyes, there is no shortage of great styles to choose from for your style and face shape. But before you start shopping with that gift card you got for your birthday, take a moment to consider one important question: What are the sunglass trends for 2021? 

Retro Round

Round frames are a sexy, retro-cool throwback to the classic wayfarers of yesteryear. What was once a rare sighting on the streets or in fashion ads is now a style staple in every celebrity’s handbag, from Lady Gaga to Emma Watson to Kim Kardashian. Many of the biggest designers have been updating their classic lines with new round styles that are ready to complement any outfit this season. Our Prague frame with its black, round design, fits neatly into that concept.

Regal Rectangles

When it comes to frame styles, the classic rectangle shape is a tried and true option for both women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses. While most sunglasses are more round, rectangle sunglasses have a unique look that makes them perfect for any occasion, like our pair of Brooklyns. Standard rectangle sunglasses are best for large faces, but you can also find them in a smaller size that works well for smaller faces.

Oversized Shield

Oversized shield sunglasses are just like graduated filters for your eyes, except that they’re not used solely for pictures: they’re meant to be seen. And they’re meant to be seen no matter where you are, meaning they should be as bold and flashy as possible. The style’s name is not just a fancy way of saying “big glasses”: it refers to the shape of the lenses, which are designed to cover your entire field of vision. If you wear our Dubai frames in the streets, the sun won’t be able to sneak through any cracks to blind you.

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